Growing up in Cincinnati, we were fortunate to begin our arts education at an early age.  As graduates of the School for Creative and Performing Arts we were able to have the perfect balance between the classroom and the professional stage.  This unique training gave us the skills, desire and confidence to succeed, but most importantly, the permission to dream.

This company has been years in the making and it is a dream come true for us to help shape this next generation of performers.  From personal experience we know how important being exposed to the arts is and to have "working" performers accompany and guide you on that journey is, an invaluable gift.

Our careers have taken us all over the world but after starting a family in 2006 it became clear that we wanted to go back to where it all began for us.  Since moving back to our home town of Cincinnati we've decided to pick up the torch and continue that tradition of excellence in arts education.